Folk Gynecology

A reclamation

“Folk gynecology” is the wisdom of our ancestral lineages. It is medicine for (and of) the people. It’s the medicine of the earth — the wisdom inherent in our cyclical bodies.
For thousands of years, menstruating and birthing people effectively tended to their gynecological health using simple and accessible remedies: sitting over herbal steam, sitting over herbal smoke, or soaking in herbal infusions. Internal herbs often complimented these practices, along with adjustments to structural alignment and lifestyle shifts. These practices are seen throughout history, worldwide — mostly used for health maintenance, balancing the menstrual cycle, and various other aspects of pelvic health.
Although this field includes various modalities, methods, and actions, the focus is not on ME, the practitioner… rather on YOU — the whole person — seeking to nourish a deeper wholeness.

All photos on this page are courtesy of
Amelia Gray Photography