About Dani

Dani’s fundamental intention is to offer a grounded approach to women’s wisdom, in this era of “click-bait” style solutions and self-proclaimed “experts”. She is a Certified Pelvic Steam Facilitator, Peristeam-Hydrotherapist-In-Training, and a budding herbalist.

As a former yoga teacher, Dani holds a sacred & confidential space for her clients to express what is happening in their bodies, to tell their stories, and to be supported in the cultivation of their own intuitive process.

She became certified to facilitate pelvic steam sessions through the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute, where she is currently pursuing their most advanced certificate. She is continually expanding her education in the realm of gynecological health, studying with independent teachers throughout the US, including herbalists, midwives, nervous system experts, and bodyworkers. She focuses on natural & non-invasive tools that clients can also learn to utilize in their own homes — encouraging each person to take charge of their own health.

My story…

“I started having crazy debilitating periods in 2014 (extreme cramps, nausea, hot  flashes, vomiting… the works), and was utterly frustrated by the limited ‘solutions’ that western gynecologists offered me. Basically, I was told my only choice was to take oral contraceptives, because I ‘might’ have endometriosis, and I ‘might’ eventually become infertile if I didn’t ‘do something’ (no diagnostic surgery was performed, so these were pretty big claims to make). I tried to find an alternative route by working with a naturopathic doctor, and sadly found that they were also unable to recommend a course of action that provided consistent relief — even after investing hundreds of dollars into the various protocols they recommended.

Over time I began to realize that nobody actually has the answers about my unique process, or about my individual body. I began to see myself as a whole being, with many different facets of ‘health’ which require continual nurturing. I discovered several very ‘fringe’ modalities that were supportive (and continue to be), but it has become clear that the essential piece lies in reconnecting with my womb and my intuition. In full transparency, my periods still aren’t ‘perfect’ — they fluctuate with me, and I consider myself a perpetual student of this body and its beautiful subtleties.”