Early Postpartum


Personalized steam plan, nutritional guidelines, and lifestyle recommendations for optimal postpartum recovery.


Includes education on traditional postpartum care, a private video call, and virtual support throughout your postpartum plan.

It is recommended to book your video call 2-4 weeks before your due date, especially if you do not have prior experience with steaming.

I also strongly recommend having a “support person” attend the call with you — a partner, parent, postpartum doula, etc. — who will plan to be present during your postpartum time, and who is willing to assist you in setting up your home steam sessions.

If you are currently recovering from a pregnancy loss, please
click here.

What You’ll Receive

  • A 60-minute video call prior to your birth, where I’ll learn about your vision for your birth and teach you how to steam at home. Ideally your support person will also be present to learn.
  • During the call, I’ll give you a general idea of what your postpartum steam schedule will be like (we won’t know¬†all the details until a couple days post-birth, so we’ll also make plans for communication during this time).
  • We will discuss traditional postpartum care, food therapy guidelines, and herbal first aid tools to manage heavy bleeding.
  • You’ll receive videos and documents about how to steam at home, for easy referencing.
  • We’ll also go over recommendations for where to purchase supplies (not included, but see “Add-Ons” below)
  • Once you give birth, we will check in daily via text, email, or Marco Polo, and I’ll assess when it’s safe for you to begin steaming (and how long your sessions should be). We’ll continue these daily check-ins until you’ve been steaming for a few days.
  • I’ll continue to be available for virtual support through the completion of your postpartum steaming plan.


Select directly in the booking app

Add-On #1:
20% off your custom herbal blend

If selected at the time of booking, you will receive twenty portions of your personalized herbal blend for 20% off the regular retail price (enough for forty home steam sessions — to last you through your postpartum plan and a little beyond!). Shipping is included in the listed price.

Add-On #2:
Comprehensive Evaluation with Period Return

If selected at the time of booking, you will receive the full Comprehensive package upon the return of your menstrual cycle — for nearly 60% off the regular price.

Your first period after pregnancy and postpartum contains incredible information about your health, and if we work with it correctly, it’s also an opportunity for a totally fresh start with your menstrual cycle.