Later Postpartum


Personalized steam plan, postpartum care guidelines, a private video call, & virtual support.

This package is specifically for those who are at least 30 days post-birth (or post-loss), but whose periods have not yet returned.

If you gave birth fewer than 30 days ago, click here.

If you miscarried (or had an abortion) recently, click here.

What You’ll Receive

  • My evaluation of your unique needs & sensitivities at this time
  • My recommendations for the ideal herbs, setup, and steam schedule for you
  • A 45-minute video call where I’ll teach you how to steam at home, we’ll review your steam plan, and you can ask me any questions you may have
  • Detailed recommendations for where to purchase supplies (not included, but see “Add-Ons” below)
  • Videos & documents to reference as you begin your steam plan
  • Education about postpartum care, personalized to you
  • Email support for 30 days from our video call


Select directly in the booking app

Add-On #1:
20% off your custom herbal blend

If selected at the time of booking, you will receive twenty portions of your personalized herbal blend for 20% off the regular retail price (enough for forty home steam sessions — to last you through your postpartum steam plan and a little beyond!). Shipping is included in the listed price.

Add-On #2:
Comprehensive Evaluation with Period Return

If selected at the time of booking, you will receive the full Comprehensive package upon the return of your menstrual cycle — for nearly 60% off the regular price.

Your first period after pregnancy & postpartum contains incredible information about your health, and if we work with it correctly, it’s also an opportunity for a totally fresh start with your menstrual cycle.

Add-On #3:
In-Person Steam Session

For those local to the Sedona area, you may book an in-person steam experience to complement your at-home plan & online session. If selected at the time of booking, this session is over 30% off the regular retail price.