Pregnancy Loss Support


Personalized steam plan to support the return of a healthy menstrual cycle, post-miscarriage or post-abortion

If your period has already returned post-loss (or post-abortion), the Comprehensive package would be a better fit for you.

What You’ll Receive

  • My evaluation of your unique needs & sensitivities at this time
  • My recommendations for the ideal herbs, setup, and steam schedule for you
  • A 45-minute video call where I’ll teach you how to steam at home, we’ll review your steam plan, and you can ask me any questions you may have
  • Detailed recommendations for where to purchase supplies (not included, but see “Add-Ons” below)
  • Videos & documents to reference as you begin your steam plan
  • Education about post-loss / post-abortion care (food therapy, lifestyle recommendations, herbal first aid to manage unwanted bleeding), personalized to you
  • Email support for 30 days from our video call


Select directly in the booking app

Add-On #1:
20% off your custom herbal blend

If selected at the time of booking, you will receive twenty portions of your personalized herbal blend for 20% off the regular retail price (enough for forty home steam sessions — to last you through your recovery steam plan and a little beyond!). Shipping is included in the listed price.

Add-On #2:
Comprehensive Evaluation with Period Return

If selected at the time of booking, you will receive the full Comprehensive package upon the return of your menstrual cycle — for nearly 60% off the regular price.

Your first period after a pregnancy loss or termination (regardless of how long you carried the pregnancy) contains incredible information about your health, and if we work with it correctly, it’s also an opportunity for a totally fresh start with your menstrual cycle.