Packages & Pricing

Virtual & in-person sessions are available

Click to read more about any of the packages below. Be sure to check out the “Specialized Packages” for situations with unique needs (postpartum, menopause, etc.).

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In-Person Offerings

Steam session for one

Steam session for two

Online Offerings

Personalized steam plan with instructional videos and PDFs

Personalized steam plan with one-on-one video call & email support

Personalized steam plan, nutritional guidelines, lifestyle recommendations to support pelvic health, period care education, extended video call and email support

Specialized Packages

For those who are preparing to give birth, who would like to use pelvic steaming and traditional modalities of care in the immediate postpartum phase. Recommended to book several weeks prior to your due date.

For those who have experienced any birth outcome (live birth, miscarriage*, or abortion), where it has already been more than 30 days since the birth or loss, but your period has not yet returned.

For those who have experienced a pregnancy loss (miscarriage* or abortion), who would like to use steam and traditional modalities to support a full recovery and the return of their menstrual cycle.

*If you are experiencing a missed miscarriage (a pregnancy which has already been confirmed non-viable, but the pregnancy matter has not begun the process of releasing from your body on its own), please contact me directly.

Personalized steam plan with one-on-one video call & email support, for those who are post-menopausal