Herbs & Sauna Boxes

I create a customized herbal blend for each client I work with, based on the person’s physical and energetic profile, and with their goals for pelvic health in mind.
Based on my experience with herbs, I feel it’s important to get as specific as possible, so I don’t have “general” blends for sale.
I pack herbal portions in individual tea bags — this way you get the precise ratio of herbs for your steam session, and you don’t even have to measure. You simply throw the tea bag into the water, and steep. Clients that have booked any of my packages are welcome to place orders for herbs at any time. Each portion costs $2.50, and I require a minimum order of 10 portions.
Buy a Sauna

With intentional artistry and elevated craft, this steam sauna box by Kitara brings safety, comfort, and ease to your home steaming practice.

$197, includes shipping

Materials: The sauna is made of beautiful birch sides and an aromatic red cedar top. It’s finished with a coat of 100% tung oil (all natural and toxin-free).
Dimensions: For ease of use and portability the sauna has custom handles and is 14in x 14in x 14in. Small enough to be tucked into a closet when not in use; cute enough for your living room — just pop a coffee table book or a jar of flowers on top and let it blend into your home aesthetic.
Works with or without a burner:  Custom openings allow for the sauna to work with or without a burner, providing an opening for the burner’s cord as well as an opening for quick & easy temperature adjustments.
Natural wood, expect
variation: Just like each red cedar and birch tree is unique, each sauna is too. Expect the color and grain of the wood to be particular to your unit. 

Kitara saunas are designed and built #bywomenforwomen. Each sauna is assembled with expertise, loving intention, and heartfelt gratitude.

Click here to purchase your sauna directly from Kitara, our affiliate.

Rent a Sauna

For some clients, consecutive days of steaming may be required. I always recommend purchasing a box of your own; however, I also have units available to rent, if you’re not ready to purchase one.

Sauna rentals are only available for those local to the Sedona, AZ area. Includes steam box and herb pot.
1 week: $25
2 weeks: $35
1 month: $50