Pelvic steam session for two, at a private residence in West Sedona, Arizona.

Please note that you cannot steam if you are pregnant, experiencing a burning itch on your perineum, or currently bleeding. Try to schedule your appointment when you don’t expect to be menstruating.

What to Expect

We’ll begin with a brief discussion of your individual pelvic health histories, and I’ll answer any questions you may have. We’ll also discuss the custom herbal blends I’ve created for each of you, and why I chose the herbs I chose. We’ll review some basic safety measures and the general flow of the session.

As far as the actual steam: You’ll each sit on a special steam chair over a pot of water and herbs that are releasing steam (never too hot — we always check the temperature beforehand), and simply enjoy the sensations. Your privacy will of course be maintained throughout the session; sensitive areas will be covered while you’re steaming, and I’ll leave the room while you’re getting settled in (similar to a massage appointment). This session is a perfect fit for two good friends, sisters, or a mother/daughter pair.

I offer several options for how to spend your steam time: enjoy a guided womb meditation, meditate quietly together, be led through a breathing exercise to enliven the energy centers, or simply sit and chat casually if you prefer.

I’ll provide all the supplies needed for the steam session (sauna chairs, herbs, water, herb pot, blankets/covering options for modesty, seat towels, etc.) — you don’t need to bring anything with you.


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Add-On #1:
Learn to Steam at Home
  • During the session, I’ll teach you both how to steam at home (with or without a sauna box)
  • You’ll each receive printed documents to reference
  • You’ll both also get my recommendations for your individual herbs, setup, & steam schedule
  • We’ll review the situations where steaming is contraindicated (and you’ll both get a document to reference)
  • You’ll each also receive email support for one month from the session date, as you begin to practice steaming at home
Add-On #2:
20% off your custom herbal blend

If selected at the time of booking, you will both receive ten portions of your personalized herbal blend (enough for twenty home steam sessions each), for 20% off the regular retail price.